How to Accept a Job Offer

How to Accept a Job Offer

October. 08, 17 3 Comments

Let’s face it, when we apply for any job, we think of getting the job. But have you ever thought what we should do if we actually offered that job. I mean should we shout over the phone with joy or should we start crying with tears of happiness. Most of us did not know how to accept a job offer.

What should we do?

Getting a job means that all your hard work that you have done for applying the post has been successful. All the research, application for the job, industry analysis, all of this has come to a fruitful end. So what to do next.

How to respond?

In simple words, how to accept the job? Is it right to accept the job immediately, or should we say “Ok thank you, let me think about it”. What should be your approach about the response of the job?

When you are recruited by a company that means the company has shown all the cards to you, so the company should also expect that you show your cards too. But be careful and tricky about showing your cards at once.

No matter is it over phone, person or on e-mail greet them with gratitude. Let them know that you are so much happy to receive the job offer. Let them receive the appreciation. It will be good for future conversation and relationship.

What to say when accepting job offer

Keep it Short:

You may want to include all the information but it is important to keep it brief. Employers are busy so keep it concise and include only the necessary information.

Show Gratitude:

This is going to start a new relationship with your employer. This the first chance you will get to show your gratitude. Show how you thrilled you are for this opportunity.


Before sending you letter or email be sure you have proofread your letter or email. You don’t want to make any last minutes mistakes so the employer start second guessing his/her decision.

How to Accept a job offer with a salary negotiation?

You may choose the job as it is offered but negotiating an offer for a few thousand dollar more can add up to million or more in course of your career. Here’s few tips to negotiate you salary.

Be Passionate:

Show you gratitude and excitement for the job offer even if it’s lower than what you have expected to kick start the salary negotiation discussion.

Don’t Rush:

Unless you get the salary you deserve don’t rush to accept the job offer. If the employer are in hurry ask for a day or two to thoroughly explore your options. But don’t take too much time. Do some in depth research about the organization, ask around, and try to find the opportunities you may have in the course of your career.

Get Full Details:

Ask about all the benefits they will provide. Find out the salary and benefit range of your industry.

Get Suggestion:

Once you have done your research, get suggestions from your friends and family. It will help you in negotiation.

Be Analytical:

When you negotiate the job offer try to present your reasons in numbers. How much the organization can benefit by hiring you. Which will help the hiring manager to think rationally.

Don’t forget to ask these 4 questions before accepting the job offer

So if you are happy with your salary package than its better to get answers to these 5 questions. It’s better to get all the information you need to make a smart decision rather than suffer later.

Working Hours:

In terms of working hours it varies to company to company. Some would like to start early and some companies even has flexible working hours. You would like to know is there option to work from home.


How the company will compensate if you work over 40 hours? Also there is few cases when you may have to work on weekends. So you would like to know about compensation they have to offer.

Time off:

Get clearer idea on how the company manages leave requests. You may need few hours or a day leave sometimes. In paste I have worked for companies where it’s really hard to get leave even for a half day.


It helps to find out the mistakes you have been making that are unknown to you. And you would like to know about the company procedure of giving feedback.

Example of a Letter Accepting a Job Offer 

Subject line: Gart Sports- Job Offer Acceptance

Hello Jeri,

As per our discussion, I am thrilled to accept the position of Administrative officer at Gart Sports. Thank you again for the opportunity. I am looking forward to working with you and rest of the management team at Gart Sports.

As we discussed, I will be joining from May 30, 2017 and my starting salary will be $38,000. Insurance and other benefits will be provided after 30 days of employment.

I look forward to start working with you. If there is any question you have or any paperwork you need, please let me know.

Again, thank you very much for this opportunity.



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  • retikagore

    very impressive and helpful post fro all the freshers who are going to join soon there jobs.Must consider questions and should asked by every freshers.
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