Essential Guide to Writing No Experience Resume With Examples

June. 29, 17 3 Comments
No Experience Resume

As a fresher writing your first professional resume is a challenge. While you don’t have any working experience in the field so how can you sell yourself to an employer?

It’s hard to prove your competence without any solid working experience

But what should you do, no matter how hard you try your experience field will be empty. Than what should you focus for?

To get a clearer idea here is an example job post from indeed.com:

Here are some ways you can make your resume more effective for the job post like this even without any job experience.

Clean Layout:

You have to make sure your resume is clean and clear so it’s easy for your employer to read the whole resume at once. Do not choose any fancy font it might cause distraction. Go with simple sans serif fonts like Arial, Helvetica or Georgia.

And also do not use any font size which is less than 14 px or 14 pt. Any size less than that will make harder for employer with vision problems to read.

Social Profile:

If you do not include your social profile than it may looks like you have something to hide. But do not try to oversell yourself.

It’s important for employees to have a good social media habits. Its proves that you are up-to-date about current technology.  Create your social profile in LinkedIn for your future career.

Clear Career Objective:

Here are things get interesting. In every resume they have one thing in common is the Career Objective or Professional Summary. it’s also the most important part of your resume. It will play an important role in whether you will get hired or not.

Make sure your career objective or professional summary is covers all the requirement that your employer is looking for in the job post. And don’t make too long that it gets boring. Try to keep it short and to the point.

If you want to write a perfect resume objective, make sure you read our guide “Resume Objectives: 33+ Examples to Use on Your Resume Now”


Education will be the second part of your resume and the most important part where you need to enrich and focus. This is the value you have to offer to your employer.

Its needless to say your employer should have a glance for few seconds on your education. So try to make this attractive but not descriptive.

If you have a great CGPA than make sure you have included them. By adding your CGPA you can prove how hard working and competence you are.

Activities and Achievements:

Lack of working experience is the biggest challenge you face when you write your resume. In that case you can emphasise on you high school career. It can be any awards or scholarship you may have achieved. If you are a good at sports, then add it. Because sports person usually gives an image of a fit, spontaneous and active person.

You can attract your employer’s attention by including any club or event you have managed or organized. For example, if you were in a leadership role in any high school clubs includes them in the resume.

Don’t forget your volunteer work if you have. Bottom line is including all the achievements and activities that you have done.


Skills on resume is like cherry on top. So if you want your resume to get the attention of your employer you need to know what skills you should include and how to describe them.

Make sure you don’t oversell yourself here. Just include the skills that you have and that requires for the job that you are applying for.

Hobbies and Interest:

If you don’t have enough skills than you can cover that up by including hobbies and interest of yours. It could tell your employer that you have creative personality or sporty personality.

To get a clearer idea here is an example of great no experience resume:

Download Resume

Be confident and remember job experience is not everything. So when you start writing your resume think about your previous experiences from a different perspective.

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  • Rachel

    You can also highlight volunteer work or positions. While these positions weren’t paid, they show a prospective employer that you were engaged with a cause and actively working on something.

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