Resume Objectives: 33+ Examples to Use on Your Resume Now

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Resume Objective

Ever wondered what goes on in a recruiter’s mind when they go through all those resumes that pile up on his desk?

Is your resume getting rejected way too many times even if you outsmart most of the candidates?

Then it’s time to analyze and build up a perfect resume for you bit by bit from scratch.

Remember your resume will get only 7 seconds to attract the attention of your recruiter; concludes a study done by the TheLadder.

Be advised on an average 250 people apply for the same job and only 4-6 people are called for an interview.

So it is your resume that has to win the most crucial and ruthless battle.

And the very first component of your resume is your Resume Objective.

So Friends….

The significance of Resume Objective is quite apparent. A Resume Objective gives the first impression of your resume and in many cases takes up most of those precious seven seconds. Imagine what a recruiter might think when he is caught up in a badly written, weakly structured and irrelevant objective glittering right on the top.

But not to worry. We are here to the rescue. By the end of this article, you will know everything you need to know about resume objectives and better!

Here we have designed a set of resume objectives, specifically for different jobs, waiting to be used.

What is Resume Objective?

Basically, resume objective is short summary of your achievements which provides an explanation of your career ambitions. It helps hiring manager to understand what you wants to accomplish if they hired you.

It should be one or two sentences long specifically directed statement that describes your professional course, while at the same time situating you as somebody who fits what the business is searching for precisely. Your goal is precisely looked into and customized to fit the employment you’re applying for.

Two Things To Consider Before You Start Writing.

One: The Length

The length of a resume objective is important for mostly two reasons.

First is to do with space. As you get only a page to summarize and present yourself to the recruiting agent space matter a great deal. So the length of your first statement requires some additional attention.

The second most important thing is the impression. It is the first thing the recruiter is going to see, and that’s why a bad sentence, some complicated wordings or disorganized thoughts can severely compromise your resume.

The ideal length of a resume objective is 25-50 words; more than that, the recruiter might think you are unable to organize your thoughts clearly.

Two: The Content

The most crucial thing about the resume objective is that you must know what to put in them.

The first thing to note is that, don’t just send one generalized version to every other place you place your job application and also don’t just make it all about you.

Try to think from the recruiter’s point of view and include how you could be an asset for the organization.

It would be best if you can isolate what skills the organization would require the most given the job circular and include those skills to grab the attention.

Types of Resume Objective

Every resume has its own purpose, well you might sum up all the purposes into one ultimate goal which is getting the damn job, but strategically speaking, resumes should take different tactics to approach that goal, and that’s when the factor of resume objective types has to come into consideration. Depending on different levels of jobs resumes objectives can be divided into some basic types:

  • Student’s resume objective
  • Intern’s resume objective
  • Entry level job resume objective
  • Mid-level job resume objective
  • Top level job resume objective

While applying for these different levels the applicant needs to outline his or her objectives accordingly. In this article, we are providing you with a set of resume objectives, suitable for different levels and jobs for your utmost convenience.

So when to use a resume objective?

Resume objectives are best when you are applying for an entry-level job, or if you haven’t been able to gather any lucrative experience or achievement that might dazzle the recruiters.

Major Confliction

Resume Objective vs. Resume Summary vs. Resume Profile

Pay attention here friends!

There is a debate about the relevancy of Resume Objectives in a resume. Many experts find objectives are irrelevant, vague and ambiguous. They prefer Resume Summary or Resume Profile over objectives.

But if your experiences haven’t been impressive enough to captivate the employer’s’ attention it is better not to use that strategy.

To get a clearer picture let us put the definitions side by side:

Resume Objective:

A short well-structured sentence describing what the applicant intends to do with his or her career and how he or she can contribute to the organization.

Resume Summary:

A short well-structured sentence describing what the applicant has done so far with his or her career and how those experiences/achievements can contribute to the growth of the organization.

Resume Profile:

Resume profile is that segment where the applicants put their skills, abilities, and experiences very specifically relating to the particular attributes mentioned in the job circular or advertisement.

Resume summary is also a one or two sentences statement, but instead of outlining applicant’s career objective, intentions or couple of skills, resume summaries actually sum up the whole career and put the most attractive points in a quantifiable form.

For example:

A target oriented salesperson with 7+ years of field experience, with 93% customer retention rate in a highly competitive marketplace looking for a position as a Sales Associate position at a dynamic work environment where contributions are not overlooked.

And resume profile could arguably the most attractive way of catching the attention of the recruiters. An example might help you to understand the concept more accurately. First have look at a job circular for Pharmacy Manager:

Now, a Resume Profile for this particular circular could be like this:

Pharmacy Manager

  • Patient service-oriented Pharmacist with Bachelor of Pharmacy degree and 3.7 GPA
  • Undergraduate studying pharmacy with an emphasis on Pharmacist Immunization Delivery.
  • Author of 2 Research Papers
  • Excellent organization etiquette
  • Strong exposure to FDA drug safety guidelines

So as you can see, the distinction is pretty clear. Resume Objective is something that describes what the candidate would like to do and Resume Summary is something that describes what the candidate has done so far and Resume Profile specifically asserts skills and experience related to the job advertisement.

While the objectives beat around the bush claiming to have some cool qualities and making the organization a better place with it, summaries and profile attack with a quantitative and more to the point approach; stating various achievements and making recruiters more interested.

Well, this last statement might suggest that the Resume Summaries or Resume Profiles are way cooler than objectives but unless you are very experienced in your field, summaries or profiles will not be able to help you the way you expect.

Even if you have mediocre experience, comparing to the job and position, your summary might just put you head to head with some other experienced guy and even though you had a decent chance to at least qualify for the interview such display of plain mathematics can push you out because of that ‘seven seconds’ challenge.

SO if you are looking for entry level job, and you don’t have too much experience to show it is better if you stick to the resume objectives instead of summaries or resume profiles.

20+ Examples For Popular Positions

Ready to Use Resume Objective Examples

1. Administrative Assistant Resume Objective:

Intend to attain the position of Senior Administrative Assistant where I can utilize my three years experience in order to provide the most effective and efficient administrative service for the advancement of the company and my own career.

Intend to attain the position of Senior Administrative Assistant where I can utilize my three years experience in order to provide the most effective and efficient administrative service for the advancement of the company and my own career.

02. Engineering Resume Objective:

Seeking a position in a professional work environment to make the best of my technical and innovative skills in order to further my own career and contribute to the development of the organization as well.

To use my engineering knowledge and leadership abilities to handle large and complicated projects so that the performance of the organization can be improved and my own career growth can be ensured as well.

03. Business Analyst Resume Objective:

With my sharp attention to detail, robust business knowledge and five years of experience in the field; seeking a position as a Business Analyst in an organization where loyalty, job performances and efforts will not go unnoticed.

With my academic and practical business development knowledge, risk assessment skills and in-depth market research ability, I am looking forward to working as a Business Analyst in an organization where my mentioned skills can be utilized for the benefit of the company.

04. Bank Teller Resume Objective:

To get an opportunity to work as a bank teller in XYZ Company, where the company can be benefited from by customer care service abilities and financial knowledge.

To attain a position of a Bank Teller, where the organization can use my ability to accurately process bank transaction records and interpersonal skills for ensuring customer satisfaction to increase customer retention rate.

05. Retail Resume Objective:

With strong communication ability and production management skills, looking for a position of retail assistant. I am enthusiastic about providing my services to the organization with utmost loyalty and dedication and expecting proper recognition in return.

To contribute my skills of generating sales, initiate and implement advertisement & promotional activities and client management techniques as a retail assistant for achieving the goals and objectives of the organization and my personal career.

06. Receptionist Resume Objective:

Looking forward to working as a receptionist where the company will be able to increase the level of its efficiency by using by data organizing skills and quality administrative service providing ability.

To attain a receptionist position as I am highly skilled in business communication and scheduling techniques that can help the organization to reduce wastage of valuable resources.

07. Pharmacy Technician Resume Objective:

Willing to work in XYZ Hospital as a Pharmacy Technician, where my in-depth knowledge, expertise and practical experience of aseptic techniques, IV (infusion) admixture, and data indexing related abilities could be utilized for the good of the public, the company and my own career.

Looking forward to working in the position of Pharmacy Technician in a professional workplace environment where my sound academic knowledge and practical experience in the sector can provide great support and assistance to organization.

08. Dental Assistant Resume Objective:

With strong interpersonal communication skills to manage customers for ensuring the best customer care service, my solid academic background and past job experience in handling complicated dental equipments I am currently seeking a position of dental assistant.

I aim to work as a dental assistant in XYZ Company where the company can make the best use of my customer relation skills and my ability to handle any dental care related equipment with utmost care and professionalism.

09. Software Developer Resume Objective:

I desire to work in a very challenging and creative work environment where I would be able to use my ability to work under high-pressure and programming skills to improve the quality of the services that the organization provides to its customers and also advance my own career as a software developer.

As I am equipped for creating, modifying and handling very sophisticated and state-of-the-art software program I offer my coding and high pressure endurance ability to meet the organizational goals and objectives.

10. Flight Attendant Resume Objective:

Looking for a position as a Flight Attendant with XYZ Airline Company using 5+ years’ dynamic involvement in providing remarkable customer care service to guarantee the ultimate satisfaction of travelers, also exhibited the capacity to handle crisis circumstances with extreme calmness.

Highly motivated and adequately trained to render premium customer care service as a Flight Attendant offering incredible on board service providing abilities combined with a cordial, sure and satisfying persona; keeping in mind the end goal is always to keep the travelers safe and satisfied.

11. Nurse Resume Objective:

Looking for the position of Registered Nurse in a proper health and social care facility where my significant knowledge in the field, medical training, and nursing abilities will be used in giving appropriate care to the people in need.

12. Caregiver Resume Objective:

Outstandingly sensitive about customer safety and committed Caregiver with a solid background in health and social care sector and customer fulfillment and adroit at dealing with an assortment of customer issues and issues with benevolence and polished methodology as well, offering specialized service to maintain the best service quality of the organization.

With a solid academic background in physical therapy and more than 3 years of experience in dealing with the individuals with complicated psychical and mental diseases, I have all the necessary and essential skills in helping patients with their physiotherapy and routine exercises.

13. Supervisor Resume Objective:

To attain a position where I can implement my team building and leadership skills in order to develop, elevate and maximize the skills of my subordinates so that the level of their performance follows a steady growth and contribute to the advancement of the organization to the highest extent.

Looking forward to working as a supervisor where the company can utilize my proficient management techniques, firm theoretical understanding and solid practical experience in managing and motivating subordinates to ensure the most effective and efficient workforce performance to fulfill the organization goals and objectives.

14. Office Manager Resume Objective:

Seeking a position for Office Manager with XYZ organization to bolster employees to develop customer retention rate by utilizing my 5+ years of experience of maintaining effective leadership techniques, staff enrollment skills, proficient correspondence and authority.

To provide my services as an office manager where the organization can use my leadership, team building and problem solving skills to increase organizational efficiency and collective performance.

15. Housekeeper Resume Objective:

Diligent and reliable individual looking for a housekeeping position with XYZ Company with a great sense of responsibility offering remarkable abilities in cleaning and tested skills in handling relevant equipment and chemicals to provide top quality service to the clientele.

Skilled, orderly and trained housekeeping expert looking for a position with XYZ company where my professional capacities in cleaning and detail knowledge of chemicals and cleaning materials can be cultivated to provide the most hygienic and cleanest environment to the user of the facility.

16. Teaching Resume Objective:

By the means of my academic knowledge and experience, I intend to devote noteworthy contribution in the educational framework by executing inventive thoughts and concepts. As a smart communicator, I also want to collaborate with the education seeking individuals in the most effective way possible to make sure the best learning experience.

As one entry-level educator, I plan to use my enthusiastic, lively and energetic mindset in inspiring the learners. With my regulatory and institutional capacities, I would likewise work to perform authoritative assignments and obligations.

17. Sales Associate Resume Objective:

A profoundly energetic individual with solid relationship building abilities, sound attention to detail, critical thinking aptitudes, and a robust sales and marketing foundation hoping to acquire a position as a Sales associate with XYZ company.

Looking for a Sales Associate employment in a dynamic environment where my negotiation and client management skills would help the organization to generate more sales and increase the rate of customer retention in this highly competitive marketplace.

18. Marketing Resume Objective:

Looking for a Marketing strategist position in a progressive organization where I can contribute my marketing knowledge, analytical and strategic thinking skills for the betterment of the organization and where my contribution will not be overlooked.

Motivated individual with 3 years of practical experience in the field and outstanding track record looking for a marketing strategist position with XYZ Company where the company can be benefited from my skills, ability and experience.

19. Financial Analyst Resume Objective:

A conscientious person with a solid academic and theoretical background hoping to enter the workforce and utilize the financial knowledge and financial document processing skills to help the organization making its quality of service better.

Searching for the position of financial analyst with XYZ organization to utilize my skill to process huge number of financial documents, conduct in depth financial research and critical long term thinking.

20. Management Resume Objective:

To attain a position in the management of XYZ Company where the company can be benefitted from my more than ten years of experience in handling clients, making critical decisions for various organizations and dealing with the workforce as well.

With my sound experience in managing day to activity in ABC Company for 10+ years currently looking forward to work in a Management position in XYZ Company where the company can be profited from by huge network, experience and expertise.

21. Customer Service Resume Objective:

To get a position as a Customer care service officer in a people-focused business company where I can provide my experience and skills in handling clients and customer even in a high pressure situation for the advancement of my career and the development of the organization as well.

Looking for a position that can be profited by my customer care proving methods, positive cooperation aptitudes and problem solving attitude. I intent to work in a dynamic and fair workplace environment where my contributions will be cared for and recognized.

22. Human Resource Resume Objective:

Seeking a job in Human Resource department where I can contribute to strengthen the workforce efficiency with my innovative Performance Appraisal techniques and Behavioral Modification skills for the betterment of the employees, the organization and myself.

Devoted proficient worker with four years academic certification looking for an entry level Human Resource Administration position with XYZ Company that will help the organization to use my energetic and enthusiastic attitude and also I would be able to enhance my practical skills and knowledge.

23. University Prof. Resume objective:

Seeking an academic career where I can utilize my vast knowledge to improve the quality of education in the institute and the society and also to work in a secure and peaceful job environment for my research.

Looking for the position of Professor in XYZ University with a Masters degree in ‘History’, numerous academic achievements, notable research works and eight years of experience in teaching university students.

24. Social Work Resume Objective:

Looking for a Social Services position in XYZ Company where my educational knowledge & achievements and 5+ years of practical experience as a health and social worker can be utilized to help individuals in the society to achieve better physical and mental health.

Seeking a career as a social worker, as I am a social welfare enthusiast with great organizing and empathetic skills which will surely be helpful for the people in need and suffering from various illness and require constant specialized support and assistance.

5 Template

Resume Objective for General Jobs

Here these are some generalized resume objectives, but we recommend, when you use them inject some of your specific skills and strengths that are relevant to the job you are applying.


It would be my uttermost goal to join this dynamic workforce and attain the best possibilities around. It would be also be a pleasure if I am able to show my skills and talents and contribute in this workforce.


I want to work in a dynamic place where I can at a time learn from experienced experts and also provide my expertise for the advancement of the organization.


I am seeking a workplace where I can challenge myself, explore my extensions and find a good and dynamic career for myself and most importantly with my skills and techniques directly contribute to the growth of the organization.


To work in a position where I can use my skills, talents and sense of responsiveness for the growth and betterment for the organization and to deliver my fullest to bring out the best for the working place I work in.


I want to utilize my strengths to turn them into opportunities for the organization and create new possibilities to improve the capability of department I work in. In the process I intend to gather valuable experience and attain them to build a firm and strong career for myself.

5 Examples

Resume Objectives for Specific Situation

Entry Level resume objectives

It might be difficult to write an objective if you have little or no experience at all. First you need to isolate your key strengths and the skills the position require and then write your objective accordingly.

Remember not to pick key mentions like job fields or the salaries, make sure to write what are your intentions towards this job and mention what you can do for the organization when you get to join. Another important thing to remember is not to mention any irrelevant skill or achievement no matter how great that might be.


To attain a dynamic position where I can put my knowledge and skill to attain the organization goals and objectives, also gather valuable practical experience.


To join an organization where I can get challenges to better know and use the experiences in order to contribute in the organization and build a strong career for myself.


I want to enhance my skills and professionalism even more with challenges and dynamism from the organization and provide the best from myself for the growth of the organization.

Career Change resume objective

A business organization usually looks for people who have experience. Therefore in resume objectives the candidates have to make sure that the recruiting agent gets relevancy and proper logic to at least short list the candidate who is from a different background.

So career change resume objectives have to show what the applicant has experienced and show a strong similarity or connection to convince the recruiters that those skills and experiences could be very relevant and helpful for the position.


I want to use my 5+ years of finance management experience to attain the marketing position and utilize the knowledge and understanding in the research program that you have aimed to accomplish to improve the department’s operations.

Internship resume objective

Employers usually look for the spark in the beginning which is your career objectives may show as you have only that part to attract on and no job experience to elaborate on.

You are a fresher and your skill, passion and dedication on the job should be visible in your resume. And use short and easy language, which are eye catching and sound good. For ease, some examples can be like:


A journalism student seeks to be in your news organization and to write insightful and impartial news for people to read and be informed.


Seeking to contribute my marketing studies knowledge in the practical marketplace and help the organization to attain its objectives and also to learn and gain more experiences to build a strong profession for myself.


To work in a challenging arena where I can use my engineering learning and also learn from the experts and gather more practical experiences.


I am a medical student seeking to participate in the workforce of your organization and gain experience and skill from your medical institution and give my complete dedication for the wellbeing of the customers.

Writing Guide And Tips

How to Write Professional Objective

Keep in mind the words, mutually beneficial or win-win. You need to convince the employers that recruiting you would be both good for you and them. While stating your objectives these factors you should keep in your mind.

Often people overlook the fact how the employer or the recruiter might look at the resume and they arrange and phrase the sentences accordingly to their own preferences. But first try to think what the employers would like to see in your resume.

One great idea is to research before sending out the resume. So make sure the objective:

  • Reflects the organization’s preferences
  • Covers the most important trait that would help the job
  • Is not just a projection of your preferences
  • Is catchy and not too long; no more than 45-50 words
  • Is not too vague or ambiguous

Mistakes to Avoid

  • Don’t just dispatch your resume without doing proper research;
  • Don’t leave your skills and strengths unspecified in the objective
  • Never be vague or ambiguous while constructing sentences
  • Don’t just make it all about yourself, express how you can contribute
  • Don’t try to be too much out of the box; keep it simple and as unique as possible

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Resume objectives are one crucial part of a resume as the resume starts with it. There have been some debates about the relevancy of these objectives in a resume.

But if you think you have some disadvantages like lack of experience we recommend you to use resume objectives rather than summery as they might just make your resume look bad.

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